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Bazelet Hagolan


von Hövel


In the high altitude landscapes of the Golan Heights, a unique love affair flourished between a devoted farmer and the rich basalt soil. Yoav Levy, the winemaker and owner of Bazelet Hagolan winery, began his journey in the wine world as a hobbyist in his house. When he noticed the warm reception of his special Cabernet Sauvignon, he decided to establish his winery, and so a new boutique winery was founded in Israel in 1998. The altitude of the vineyards, the cool and dry climate, the well aired basalt (volcanic) soil and the modern and meticulous production processes are the secret of the charm of Bazelet Hagolan wines. About 75,000 bottles of varietal, premium, kosher wines are produced annually from hand-picked grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay. About half of these precious grapes emanate from vineyards located near the winery itself in Kidmat Zvi, at an altitude of 500 meter above sea level. The remainder of the grapes emanate from vineyards situated in the northern Golan Heights at altitudes ranging from of 900 to 1,000 meter above sea level. The logo of Bazelet Hagolan winery is an antique coin found at the Gamla archaeological site in the Golan Heights and features the image of Dionysus, the Greek mythological god of wine and fertility, the father of jubilation, joie de vivre and the endless celebration.





The tradition-conscious von Hövel Winery has been in family hands for over 200 years. The impressive abbey’s courtyard in the St. Maximin Monastery was founded by Balduin von Hövel on a beautiful piece of land. Great-great-grandson Maximilian von Kunow took over the family estate in 2011. On 12 hectare vineyards, in the extraordinary parcels of Oberemmeler Hütte and Kanzemer Hörecker, where the winery is the sole proprietor, and Scharzhofberg, only Riesling grapes are being cultivated. These vineyards are situated in the Saar-Mosel wine region. The vineyards are as impressive as their wines and their vines grow on Devon slates soil. Winemaker Maximilian von Kunow attains excellent quality wines, Kabinett and Spätlese (late harvest) as well as superb Auslese and Eisweine. The annual production amount to 100.000-150.000 bottles.