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Heymann-Löwenstein winery is situated in Winningen on the Mosel and owned by Cornelia Heymann-Löwentein and Reinhard Löwenstein since 1980. Reinhard Löwen-stein is considered as one of Germany's top winemakers and leads the discussion in Germany on the notion of Terroir. The winery has 15.5 hectare vineyards, partially planted with ungrafted Riesling vines, in the extremely steep sites of the Mosel terraces. The classified sites are Kirchberg, Stolzenberg, Röttgen and Uhlen, whereby the latter is subdivided into the subappellations Blaufüßer Lay, Laubach und Roth Lay. The annual production amounts to 100,000 bottles.





Margalit is a family-owned winery founded in 1989 by Dr. Yair Margalit, a scientist turned winemaker and one of the pioneers of modern quality-minded winemaking in Israel. Together with his son Asaf Margalit the two wine-makers produce today 20,000 bottles of internationally acclaimed wines from Bordeaux varietals Cabernet-Sau-vignon, Merlot and Cabernet-Franc. The winery owns two vineyards, one in the Upper Gallilee Mountains and one in the Carmel Coastal Plain, altogether 4 hectare. Both Yair and Asaf are also active in winemaking education in Israel.